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I recently received these gorgeous story editions of the very talented artist, Megumi Matsubara, which I had the pleasure of editing. There’s nothing quite like holding the object in your hands. The editions feature an essay by Yuko Hasegawa and cut-up by Loris Greaud.
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Identity and place and collaboration

I collaborated with my friend, photographer Sarah Rhodes, to write her artist statement for the Lumina Collective’s Echoes exhibition. The images explore identity and are stunning. The exhibition and text were featured in The Guardian in Jan 2019.
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In 2018, I was lucky to be accepted into HARDCOPY, the national professional development program run by the ACT Writers Centre. In their own words: “HARDCOPY aims to develop writers who will have longevity as Australian writers.” What an amazing experience to work with Nadine Davidoff and have exposure to other industry heavyweights. In addition to the skills [...]
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A Thousand Million Small Things

After being published in SQ Magazine in June, my story A Thousand Million Small Things has made the SF&F genre’s premiere review magazine, Tangent, Online Recommended Reading List for 2017. Yay!
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Fitzroy Soccer Lions

I grew up in North Fitzroy and have walked/trammed past Atherton Gardens Public Housing Estate for years. Last year, I got a chance to hang out there with everyone participating in the Fitzroy Lions Soccer Program. Here’s a little clip I made about the program. The song Let a Brother Play is by the Flybz, also [...]
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Your transaction is under treatment

I don’t mind waiting – a little bit – for a transaction treatment, whilst desert Zen lasts, that is. I’ll give it 7.6 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds. I’ve just returned from 6 weeks in Morocco. For 4 weeks I was at Cafe Tissardmine on an artist residency… with NO Internet… Ok, that’s a bit of a [...]
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Light moments on the edge

I recently did some filming for a local parkour program. There were many beautiful moments so I’ve pulled some stills from the footage. Enjoy.
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A couple of weeks ago I left my iPhone in a cab. I left it because I got it out to fiddle with it. You know: check if I had messages, scroll through various social networks, maybe do a quirky shot of the taxi driver ID and Instagram it. Instead, I got talking to the [...]
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Tai Chi meets Giant Theremin

Tai Chi and a giant theremin. What’s not to love! Here’s a short and super sweet video I did the filming for: Tai Chi meets Giant Theremin from Peter Ghin on Vimeo.
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Wedhus Gembel in Java

In September I traveled with Snuff Puppets to Java to document a tour of Wedhus Gembel, a collaboration between Snuff Puppets and some amazing artists in Yogyakarta, Tegal, Indramayu and Jakarta. Wedhus gembel means two things: sheep, and, the poisonous clouds that issue from volcanoes. Here’s a video of some snippets from the workshops and performances:
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