Ancients micro fiction

It was a lot of fun (and a good distraction from the covid crazy) to dabble in a drabble and create a little piece – exactly 100 words – for the Black Hare Press Ancients anthology.

Edited by the very excellent Dean Kershaw, you can buy it here.

Cover of Ancients anthology showing dark angel and pyramids

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Oz Is Burning anthology

Image of OZ Is Burning anthology with kangaroos jumping away from fire

As I write this, the west coast of the US is burning. A sad synergy.

My story, ‘Burning Hearts’, in the Oz Is Burning anthology.

Put together by B Cubed Press, the collection is a response to Australia’s 2019-2020 summer and supports wildlife charity WIRES. The ebook version is available and print is coming soon.

Here’s the table of contents (which I nicked from Jason Nahrung’s site, thanks Jason!):

And Gaia Screams by Ann Poore
Across the Ditch by Clare Rhoden
Burn, Burn! by Almas Alexander
Red Sky at Morning by Sue Bursztynski
Fires of the Heart by E.E. King
Pay Back by Alex Isle
By the Grace of God by Harold Gross
Should Fire Remember the Fuel by Kyla Lee Ward
Welcoming the End by Aura Redwood
Beef by Zena Shapter
The Last Wish by Lauren E. Mitchell
Wollemi Dreaming by Jason Nahrung
Firestorm Sounds by Suzanne Newnham
Red Sky, Blue Dream by Jack Dann
Infestation by Paula Boer
Writing on the Wall by Gillian Polack
Dire Insurance by Jared Kavanaugh
Divorce by Donna J.W. Munro
Inconvenient Visitor by Lucy Sussex
Burning Hearts by Eleanor Whitworth
Harvest by Narrelle M. Harris
A Town Called Hope by Silvia Brown

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2020 AUSNZ SF Snapshot

I got snapped this year as part of the AUSNZ SF Snapshot. Hats off to Tehani Croft for all her hard work. Amazing. I highly recommend taking a wander through the author pages and picking up some book recommendations (warning, you may well lose an hour without noticing).

Here’s the landing page

And here’s me

Screen Shot 2020 AUSNZ SF Snapshot

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Stories of Hope

My story, ‘The Everlasts’, can be found in Aussie Speculative Fiction’s anthology, Stories of Hope. Born from the smoke and ashes of the 2019 Australian summer, Stories of Hope is an anthology of fantasy and science fiction. All money raised from sales will be donated to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund. Please: buy it!

Stories of Hope anthology cover

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I recently received these gorgeous story editions of the very talented artist, Megumi Matsubara, which I had the pleasure of editing. There’s nothing quite like holding the object in your hands. The editions feature an essay by Yuko Hasegawa and cut-up by Loris Greaud.

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Identity and place and collaboration

I collaborated with my friend, photographer Sarah Rhodes, to write her artist statement for the Lumina Collective’s Echoes exhibition. The images explore identity and are stunning. The exhibition and text were featured in The Guardian in Jan 2019.

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In 2018, I was lucky to be accepted into HARDCOPY, the national professional development program run by the ACT Writers Centre. In their own words: “HARDCOPY aims to develop writers who will have longevity as Australian writers.”

What an amazing experience to work with Nadine Davidoff and have exposure to other industry heavyweights.

In addition to the skills and knowledge I’ve gained – and possibly even more importantly – I’ve met some wonderful people.

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A Thousand Million Small Things

After being published in SQ Magazine in June, my story A Thousand Million Small Things has made the SF&F genre’s premiere review magazine, Tangent, Online Recommended Reading List for 2017. Yay!

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Fitzroy Soccer Lions

I grew up in North Fitzroy and have walked/trammed past Atherton Gardens Public Housing Estate for years. Last year, I got a chance to hang out there with everyone participating in the Fitzroy Lions Soccer Program.

Here’s a little clip I made about the program. The song Let a Brother Play is by the Flybz, also from Atherton Gardens.

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Your transaction is under treatment

ATM, Baj Boujloud, Fez.

I don’t mind waiting – a little bit – for a transaction treatment, whilst desert Zen lasts, that is. I’ll give it 7.6 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds.

I’ve just returned from 6 weeks in Morocco. For 4 weeks I was at Cafe Tissardmine on an artist residency… with NO Internet…

Erg Chebbi.

Ok, that’s a bit of a lie, we got desperate and did “wiffy hitchhike to the obelisk” for some desert connectivity (ok, so it was actually hitchhiking to a cairn for wireless modem connectivity but we liked saying the other thing)…

Safi smells the wiffy

What a residency provides, and this one more than most, is release from the day-to-day, from thinking about the next meal, the next piece of news: profound or prosaic, the next social event. The tirade of choice clears. When you’re in the desert, your decisions simplify. Will I:  1) go for a walk, 2) chat to someone, 3) have a nap, 4) do some work. I got a lot of all four done.

1) Going for a walk. When you do, it’s on what was, some 350million years ago, the Rheic ocean. These petrified coral reefs were pushed up into mountain ranges when the African continent moved closer to European continental plates. Ammonites. Trilobites. Belennites. Everywhere.

And, new stuff is mixing in with the old.

So, when you looked down, it was extraordinary. And when you looked up, it was spectacular.

2) Talking. The 5 artists at the residency were from 4 different countries. And most of them were tri-lingual. So, combined with Tashlehiyt the local Berber language, a mix of Dirija, English, French, Spanish and Japanese were spoken at most meals. There’s nothing like talking to people who are not native speakers of your own tongue to test your rigour with your own language.

3) Taking a nap. Is a wonderful thing.

4) Do some work. With all the clear head space, I got a lot done, albeit with sand as a constant companion.

I’ve put some photos on Flikr. A set of general Morocco sightseeing, and a set of Tissardmine and surrounds.

How long it will take for this transaction to process, I’m not sure, but I’m happy to wait more than a little bit.

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