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Your transaction is under treatment

I don’t mind waiting – a little bit – for a transaction treatment, whilst desert Zen lasts, that is. I’ll give it 7.6 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds. I’ve just returned from 6 weeks in Morocco. For 4 weeks I was at Cafe Tissardmine on an artist residency… with NO Internet… Ok, that’s a bit of a [...]
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Light moments on the edge

I recently did some filming for a local parkour program. There were many beautiful moments so I’ve pulled some stills from the footage. Enjoy.
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A couple of weeks ago I left my iPhone in a cab. I left it because I got it out to fiddle with it. You know: check if I had messages, scroll through various social networks, maybe do a quirky shot of the taxi driver ID and Instagram it. Instead, I got talking to the [...]
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Tai Chi meets Giant Theremin

Tai Chi and a giant theremin. What’s not to love! Here’s a short and super sweet video I did the filming for: Tai Chi meets Giant Theremin from Peter Ghin on Vimeo.
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Wedhus Gembel in Java

In September I traveled with Snuff Puppets to Java to document a tour of Wedhus Gembel, a collaboration between Snuff Puppets and some amazing artists in Yogyakarta, Tegal, Indramayu and Jakarta. Wedhus gembel means two things: sheep, and, the poisonous clouds that issue from volcanoes. Here’s a video of some snippets from the workshops and performances:
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Hello stranger

I was asked to write a response to an early project brief for the Walk the Talk project. The project will run on October 2 as part of Melbourne Fringe. Participants are paired with someone they don’t know and take a walk in the Fitzroy Gardens for an hour. Information about the event is here [...]
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When Old is New and New is Old: New York and New Orleans

“… the towering aggressive structures of industry and commerce are like the clarion calls of architecture, all about us. What to do? Man is not always strident, the soul is not always in haste…” This is what architect Whitney Warren had to say about the changing architectural landscape of 1920s New York. Warren designed the [...]
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Where are the words

I’m now blogging over at Culture Victoria as part of my role as content curator. I’ll still be posting here, but only occasionally.
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Playing in the real and the virtual

I’ll be updating this blog about once a month on writing related matters. But first up…  visit my guest blog over at Spike.
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Lover, Fighter, Dancer

MARCH 27 – APRIL 17 2010 I’m letting the vocal chords rip in Sarah D’s Lover, Fighter, Dancer during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It’s a funny and disturbing show, summed up well in Adam Richard’s review.
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