A couple of weeks ago I left my iPhone in a cab. I left it because I got it out to fiddle with it. You know: check if I had messages, scroll through various social networks, maybe do a quirky shot of the taxi driver ID and Instagram it. Instead, I got talking to the cab driver about his uniform requirements and how often drivers get checked and what the fines are if they’re not in uniform. He seemed like a nice guy. I did notice that he looked quite different to the guy pictured on the drivers ID. But hey, I look pretty different to the picture on my license (if I still had my phone I’d take a picture of that picture and post it here).

I never put my phone back in my bag. I left it on my lap/ beside me/ somewhere close but not close enough. As soon as I got into the house I realized I didn’t have it.

I’m never going to see that baby again. I’ve tried to track it down, more out of interest in the process than actually believing I’ll get it back. Having backed it up 2 days earlier, it was after all, just an instrument. But… MAAAN, I miss that instrument! To be truthful, sometimes it aches.

I went to see Steve Poltz play a few days later. I saw someone filming with their iPhone. As an avid gig-filmer part of me was consumed by jealousy and longing, the other part was all: dude put your phone away and be in the moment, and: that footage and sound are going to be sooo bad, why even do it, are you ever really going to look at it again?

I do look back over my bad gig footage, that’s how I know it’s bad. I have a soft spot for it though, so I made a montage of it, a sort of eulogy to the this-is-what-I-saw-see-here-it-is mentality…

I will be replacing it. And yes, I’ll most likely take more bad gig footage.

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